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5 Cool Smartphone Apps That Will Enhance Your Productivity

You already know your smartphone can do a lot of cool things, from acting as your personal music player and gaming console to helping you find the best Chinese food in town.

Your smartphone can also be your best productivity tool. These apps can help you get more done and even increase the profits of your business. From apps that automatically turn paper business cards to smartphone contacts to apps that read your emails out loud, you can harness the power of technology to increase your productivity and get more done.


1.  CamCard

The CamCard app quickly turns business cards into smartphone contacts. This incredibly useful app is a must for busy business people, and once you have it you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

With CamCard, all you need to do is take a picture of the business card with your smartphone. Once you have that picture, CamCard does the rest by converting the information on the phone and adding it to your list of contacts.





[appbox appstore 355472887]

[appbox googleplay com.intsig.BizCardReader]



IFTTT (If This, Then That), is a powerful productivity tool available on the web, iPhone & Android that allows you to connect multiple online services to automate and streamline your online activities. Each connection or automation is called a recipe, and is used to connect multiple services together in order to achieve a certain result.

For example, you can setup a recipe that will update all of your profile pictures across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more just by updating your profile picture on one of them. It will then automatically update all other profiles. It can also be used to track your work hours, let people know where you are, or even automate your home!




[appbox appstore 660944635]

[appbox googleplay com.ifttt.ifttt]


3. Trello

If you have trouble keeping track of all the things you need to do every day, the Trello smartphone app is for you. Trello acts as a sort of virtual whiteboard, allowing you to see everything in one handy place.

You can use Trello to jot down ideas while you wait in line, create a to-do list on the go and check things off as you get them done. Whether you are working on a business project or planning a surprise party, Trello can help you get it done.




[appbox appstore 461504587]

[appbox googleplay com.trello]


3. Mailbox


Mailbox, recently acquired by Dropbox, is an innovative taken on email management. Using swiping gestures you can easily reply, archive, or snooze an email for later. The goal is to achieve Inbox Zero by sorting your email quickly and allowing any important emails that you don’t have time to respond to will come back in your inbox at a more convenient time.





[appbox appstore 576502633]

[appbox googleplay com.mailboxapp]


5. Workflowy

Starting a new task can be difficult, especially if the task is a large and complicated one. Workflowy is able to break those large and overwhelming tasks into smaller and easier to handle chunks.

Workflowy is a great app for project managers and other professionals who routinely deal with complicated tasks. The great thing about Workflowy is its flexibility. You can sort and break up your tasks in a wide variety of ways to make them easier to deal with.





[appbox appstore 551139514]

[appbox googleplay]



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