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4Force Online: The Force Awakens

Apologies upfront if the title’s a little misleading: this game has nothing to do with the God-awful new Star Wars film or any tangential franchise. It was just fortunate timing which allowed me to capitalise on the current hype surrounding the hollow, vacuous two-hour long toy commercial that is The Force Awakens. Depressed as I was to pay money to waste my life writhing from boredom and outrage in front of it, I should’ve simply spent my time playing 4Force Online, an epic new adventure game from Play One Games. A hell of a lot more engaging than any Star Wars film and a damn sight more entertaining, 4Force Online is out now for iOS and Android.

The first thing you notice about the game is the scale. It just immediately seems massive, and in a good way. It throws you right in too – you select your character (one of four distinct types – Troll, Barbarian, Dwarf or Knight), give him a name and some form of intimidating, barbaric outfit, and you’re off and away into the main game within seconds. You begin in the middle of a grassy, wooded area and it just feels like there’s tons more to explore as you progress through the game, which leads me to be hopeful about its longevity, in the cut throat, fifteen-second-attention-span world of smartphone games.

The thrust of 4Force Online involved literal thrusts directed at a variety of beasts and critters. Essentially, you are trying to hunt monsters and they in turn are most certainly trying to hunt you back. And we’re very much in the land of Gods and Monsters here – dragons, lions and everything in between will be out for your blood, and you’ll have to think fast if you want to survive you’ll have to act fast and keep moving – it’s kill or be killed in the world of 4Force Online.

The other cool thing about the game is that it’s essentially an MMORPG, which means you’re going to encounter loads of other players wandering around, trying to hunt the same lads your after. You can also team up with other players in ‘boss raids’, where you all come together to help take down a particularly troublesome or nasty beasty. Coupled with the games expansive nature, this multiplayer addition is another bonus from a game that’s sure to stick around your smartphone for a long time. Whether you like the sound of medieval monster hunts, or are more interested in having a bit of fun with your online friends, there’s something for everyone in 4Force Online.

Sharpen your blade at the App Store or Google Play and join the hunt today for free!



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