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4 Fun Ways To Pass Time On Your iPhone

It’s the time-wasting super-device of the 21st century. The smartphone, as well as being incredibly useful most of the time, can also be incredibly valuable when you find yourself bored and looking for something to do. There are numerous ways to contract a boring bus journey to work, or to wait on a perpetually late friend, and they can all be accessed through the sleek glass rectangle in the palm of your hand. And if that isn’t progress, then I don’t know what is.

1 – Play Games

The smartphone is ahead of the curve when it comes to games; there’s something to suit players of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s an involving epic like Clash of Clans or an addictive puzzle game like Candy Crush Saga, there are hundreds of fun ways to kill time in a dazzling array of arenas and worlds. Play with friends or simply play alone – either way, games are our number one way of passing time on your iPhone. And the good news is, the games are only getting better.

2 – Gamble

The world’s oldest industry should be another solid choice for killing time, and it just so happens that your smartphone is one of the best places to do it from. Online gambling used to come solely in the form of desktop sites, but with the introduction of the smartphone, players discovered they could play on the go. Combining all the fun of the best online casinos and making your phone into your very own live casino, you can gamble your time away through a variety of classic and not so classic casino games.

3 – Take Pictures

With each iteration, the camera on the iPhone is getting better and better, so why not avail of that beautiful technology and start becoming a photographer? The filters on Instagram can make even the most mundane things look like works of art, so why not give it a try and start exploring your surroundings through a camera lens? Plus, the fact that you’re creating something will make you feel good.

4 – Socially Network

Then there’s the good old fallback of social networking. Facebook and Twitter are always good for killing half an hour or more, especially if you’ve got something to post about. Or even if you don’t, it doesn’t seem to stop most people. Plus, you can combine your new found love of photography with social networking and possibly become and Instagram star!



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