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4 Essential Apps for College Students

‘Deadline’… a simple word that instills dread into the hearts of students everywhere, making them forget all about their microwavable ramen. Who hasn’t been there: you’ve got a particularly demanding essay on the waiting list, due first thing Monday morning. You’ve been putting it off night after night – it’s Friday, I’ll just go out for a bit, there’s always the weekend – then Saturday rolls around – well I guess I still have Sunday, one drink couldn’t hurt.

The fear is real. Maybe you’ve even considered a college term paper writing service, letting the people at Eduzaurus lift a little of the weight from off your shoulders. To the celebration of students everywhere though, services like these, as well as smartphone applications, have made significant strides in recent years to make a student’s life easier than ever before. Here are four of the most essential apps no student should be without.


Referencing and citations within a paper can be half the battle, but RefME has made this struggle a thing of the past. Offering a range of styles, all you have to do is scan the barcode of the book, enter the page number for each citation, and the app does the rest. RefME lists everything in alphabetical order and allows you to easily export it to your email, for a fast and efficient bibliography.



Maybe the writing of a paper doesn’t freak you out; instead it’s the prep that keeps those palms sweaty. Quizlet is a useful study aid, one which allows each user to pick from thousands of topics to test themselves. Each quiz is tailor made for your relevant subject, providing a beneficial mental workout for anyone dreading the thought of staring at that blank white page. Your very own quiz night.


Whether you’re writing your fourth novel, or first college paper, inspiration can hit when you least expect it. Evernote is the king of organization, and indispensable for students. Create your own project to-do list, make yourself a reminder, plan your timetable, and even jot down a sketch. Furthermore, once a note has been added, it’ll instantly sync and become available on all of your devices.

Dragon Dictation

This is an ideal app for students whose fingers tend to work much slower than their brains. Dictation software has quietly become a lot more sophisticated in recent times, with Dragon Dictation leading the pack. For those up against it, multitasking is a required reality, and what better for it than an app which allows you to conduct research and write your paper at the same time.  



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