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4 Apps To Pass The Time On A Quiet Weekend

Sometimes, weekends are all about taking it easy. The working week is done, and it’s time to put you feet up and relax. Sure, some weekends you really feel like letting your hair down, and going out two nights in a row. Some weekends you might fancy jetting off for a European mini-holiday or taking off for the country for a little rural getaway. And then, some weekends, you just want to do nothing. If you’ve got one of those quiet weekends coming up and are looking for something light and not too taxing to pass the time, check out these four apps that can help you do just that.

1 – Spotify

If you’re like me, music is key to unwinding. So you’re going to need Spotify, the best music app out there. Keep all your favourite tunes as offline playlists so you don’t have to worry about maintaining an internet connection, and curate your own soundtrack to the perfect quiet weekend.

2 – Fruit Ninja

An addicting little pick up and play, like all the best games, Fruit Ninja is simple to grasp but very difficult to master. Essentially, the mechanic of the game is thus; slice fruit, don’t slice the bombs. That becomes easier said than done though, as this intense, thrilling little games likes to pick up the pace. A bright, beautifully-designed interface combined with an enticing soundtrack makes this one a must play.

3 – Plague Inc.

Dominate the world from the comfort of your own couch. And when I say dominate, I actually mean destroy. In Plague Inc., you create your very own virus and attempt to kill off every human in the world with it. Addictive and perversely satisfying, this worldwide hit of a game is perfect for Sundays, when the dread and misanthropy of the incoming Monday morning start to set in.

4 – Casino Apps

What better way to spend a quiet weekend than potentially making some money?¬†There’s so many out there, it’s hard to choose just one. Sites and apps like m88¬†offer a whole range of classic and contemporary-themed games, where you can enjoy everything an online casino has to offer, while maybe gambling your way to some winnings at the same time.



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