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3 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Storage If You Haven’t Already

Cloud storage has become an extremely popular solution for businesses looking to cut operating costs, but it’s also an extremely attractive storage solution for regular consumers to store photos, music and videos.

There are of course some security concerns. There have been many reports in the past about services like iCloud being hacked, but it hasn’t stopped regular consumers from using these services as online storage mediums. With the advent of high-speed internet connections that are available wherever we go, it’s never been easier to upload and share the content we take from our smartphones.

If you’re still not convinced about embracing cloud storage technology, then here are some more uses and advantages that should hopefully bring you over to the convenient world of online storage to backup all of your files.

Access your data from literally anywhere

You don’t need a specific phone or application to access cloud storage. Most phones can use their internet browsers to download and share information from the cloud. It’s fast, it’s simple, and there’s no fuss. If you want to get a little more advanced, then you can download applications from your phone’s app store to sync specific files (such as photos or video) with your cloud service so that any time you take a picture or record a photo, it will upload that media to your private online storage automatically. This can be set to only happen when you’re on a wi-fi connection to prevent excessive data costs as well.

With cloud storage, you can easily share files between your PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone and even your TV. There are no cables involved since you use the internet, and the transfers are quick, painless and efficient. Check for more information on different devices that can access online storage and troubleshooting guides.


It’s inexpensive

The cost of most cloud storage services is nothing. It’s free for a very generous amount of space that can range from 5GB to 15GB, and it can be cheaply upgraded via a monthly or annual subscription. There are flexible plans to cater towards however much space you need, and you can always upgrade or downgrade according to your needs. It’s far cheaper than buying something like an external hard drive to store your data on, and it’s easier to manage than having several USB drives that hold different amounts of information.

It won’t break like your physical storage

If you’ve ever stored backup data on discs in the past, then you’ll understand the pain of getting them to work a couple years later. Physical mediums will, without a doubt, start degrading after a couple of years. Old USB sticks still start to be finicky, CDs and DVDs will stop working after a while and even hard drives can fail. Save on the data recovery costs and trauma of losing your family photos by trusting in online cloud services. They have specialists working around the clock to ensure your information is safe, and you won’t ever have to worry about hardware failures.

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