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4 MMJ Apps That Medical Cannabis Patients Need On Their Homescreen

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular amongst the medical community and patients alike as a means of treatment for a wide array of medical conditions. But although there’s been a lot of press recently about the potential benefits, side effects and changes in legislation there’s still a lot to be learned about this particular form of treatment. Both patients and doctors are learning day-to-day better and more effective methods of dosing and cultivating this magical medicine and it’s important for both sides to keep as up-to-date with news relating to medical marijuana. Below is a list of the top three must-have apps if you’re a patient who uses medical marijuana.

InfoCurse - Weed plants is a great app that helps you to keep track of the latest news in the medical marijuana field as well as creating a platform in which patients can interact with each other and swap experiences. Their blog contains humorous accounts, how-to-guides, information about different strains and interviews.

InfoCurse - Medical MMJ


Weedmaps is a useful app for those who are on the lookout for new dispensaries near them, their services and what customers think about different clinics. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android and works in close to every state where medical marijuana use is legal in America. The app also allows users to filter the dispensaries to find one’s with dedicated shopfronts or those offering a delivery service.

InfoCurse - MMJ delivery

My Canary

My Canary tracks users consumption of intoxicating substances and tests their mental capabilities to see whether they’re capable of completing certain tasks. This is a great app for new patients who are yet to find the correct dosage for them to ensure that they don’t take part in any dangerous activities whilst under the influence of the drug.

InfoCurse - grow MMJ


MMJRecs is a dedicated medical marijuana website and app which provides a useful blog keeping readers up-to-date on all the recent medical marijuana news and legislation. There are helpful tips guiding patients on the best methods of dosing, different strains and some of the different conditions that would benefit from the therapeutic use of medical marijuana. MMJRecs also offers an online service which gives patients direct access to licensed medical professionals via Skype. Patients are able to talk about treatment regimes, dosing techniques and any other questions they may have about the drug. The doctors are also able to prescribe medical marijuana to any patients that they think qualify for use via Skype as well.



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