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3 Fun Ways To Kill Time On Your Smartphone

Smartphones. Everyone’s got one. And the funny thing is, not very many of us actually use them for phoning people. They’re handy for that too, of course. And for stuff like texting and messaging. But in general, the only communication users are interested in is a one way street between the smartphone and themselves. Why? Because smartphones are a great way to kill time! They provide all sorts of useless yet thoroughly engaging distractions that can help while away a long bus or car journey or help you pass time while you wait for that one friend who always seems to be late. So here are three fun ways to kill time on your smartphone.

1 – Listen to Music

Everyone loves music. You can make a boring journey go by in a snap if you’ve got some of your favourite tunes playing in the background. The days of cassettes and Walkmans are long gone; these days, you can keep thousands of songs stored on your phone, or even better, have access to decades worth of musical output through a music streaming service! The optimum streaming service is of course, Spotify, which has God-knows-how-many hours worth of music uploaded to its service (the other upside of Spotify being the artists actually gets paid when you listen to their songs!). There’s also iTunes, for when you want to purchaseĀ a must-have album that you can access offline. All in all, you phone becoming your own personal hi-fi is a pretty cool way to kill some time!

2 – Play Games

The other major use of smartphones, possibly the number one use next to communicating and music-listening, is gaming. Apps are big business; there’s all sorts of genres and styles out there to suit your taste. And we really mean EVERYTHING; you’re liable to find any niche interest you might have in app form at the mecca of the App Store. Despite the proliferation of hobbies and interests, games are the number one way to kill time on your smartphone. Games come in all shapes and sizes; fun little addictions like Crossy Road and seriously cool gambling apps like M88. Some games have even taken on lives of their own and become franchises in and of themselves; Angry Birds made the transition to a bonafide Hollywood film in 2015!

3 – Read Books

You can also use your smartphone as a bonafide library of books! In much the same way as music, your smartphone can keep a huge collection of literature at your fingertips. And if you prefer your reading material a little lighter, you can check out the news or magazines on your smartphone too; it’s pretty diverse when it comes to what’s on offer!

These are just a few of the ways to keep busy on your smartphone; remember to always keep it handy so you can kill a few hours or minutes at the drop of a hat! A smartphone is a man’s (or woman’s) best friend!



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