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3 Apps You Need For Euro 2016

It’s almost summer in an even-numbered year. That can only mean one thing for football fans; a major tournament is imminent. Every two years, the summer season is dominated by either a World Cup or the Euros; even if you’re not into the beautiful game, it’s very hard not to get wrapped up in all the drama. This year, we head to France for the European tournament, the site of an infamous World Cup clash eighteen years ago. While not as thrilling as the World Cup, the Euros still provide their own brand of excitement, and you can expect it to reach fever pitch as we head into June. For hardcore fans or people just looking to be part of the experience, we run down three apps you need for the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament.

1 – UEFA EURO 2016 Official App

The official UEFA app is certainly a good place to start. This free piece of kit contains everything you could possibly want to know about this year’s Euros. It’s got all the fixtures and all the venues, the team-sheets, the strips and the managers, and will continually be updated as the tournament progresses. It even gives you the opportunity to have a little second-screen companion as you watch the games in the form of Match Centre, featuring dedicated reports and statistics. If you want to get serious about France 2016, this is the perfect app to furnish your phone with.

2 -Bet365

It’s not unusual for people to want to throw a few pounds down on a game or two during the bigger tournaments; if betting and gambling are your thing, then you’re almost spoiled for choice when it comes to apps. Bet365 is one of the leading and most popular apps when it comes to betting on sports, but there are many more out there. If you fancy a more rounded casino experience, you can also check out for a host of casino games to kill the time between Euro clashes.

3 – Flick Kick Football

In honour of the maestro Andrea Pirlo coming back out of international retirement for one last trip on the painted pony, Flick Kick Football clinches a spot on this list. Essentially allowing you to (pretend to) be Pirlo, the object of the game is to finger-flick the ball into the goal, avoiding opposing defenders and the goalkeeper as you go. It’s a simple little mechanic, but one that quickly gets addictive, as all the best ones often do. Plus, Pirlo is clearly one of the coolest cats in the game, and the opportunity to see him play internationally again is something to be celebrated.



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