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3 Apps Taylor Swift (Probably) Has On Her Smartphone

As Taylor Swift’s new song drop creates waves in the music world, us over in tech got to wondering what the now-badass blonde starlet likes to keep on her smartphone’s homepage. Is it games, news apps, garageband, online casino gratis? Well, we’ll never really know unless someone does an actual interview… In the meantime these are the three apps we definitely reckon feature on Swifty’s smartphone and the reasons why.

InfoCurse - Pandora


Remember that spat Tay Tay had with Spotify over underpaying its artists? Well, this folk singer-cum-pop sensation needs inspiration from somewhere and we reckon it comes in the form of Pandora radio. This app is a fantastic way to discover new artists, similar to your old faves, with a full bio page and history of the band, their sound and where they get their inspiration from as well. The curated playlists feel very personal and is hands down the best way to discover up and coming talents and obscure underground bands.

InfoCurse - tinder


First there was Calvin Harris then the world was treated to the cringey Hiddleswift amalgamation. Whatever you may think about these fleeting love stories, the fact remains that TS is single and ready to mingle… Swift wouldn’t use Tinder you say? Well, the life of a popstar can sometimes be a lonely one and when you’re on the road for months on end it’s nice to know that you have a little black book in your little back pocket to warm you through the cold nights.


Pokémon GO

Girls just wanna’ have fun and then has never been truer than for the world’s current favourite good time girl Taylor Swift. Her trademark goofy girl next door vibe might be taking the backseat professionally, but no one can escape their true selves forever and we think that this ’90s bae is gonna wanna catch ’em all.



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