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15 Secret Codes Tricks You Should Know About Your Android Smartphone

15 Secret Codes Tricks You Should Know About Your Android Smartphone: Nowadays, many people are proud owners of Android Smartphones. But few of them know about some unknown Android secret codes. So, here in this post I’m gonna share some of the several Android secret codes with you all. Just press these codes and it will tell you the hidden details of your android smartphones. There are many things about your android smartphones, especially hardware and software specifications of your android smartphone but it is hard to memorize them. Use these codes and boast in front of your friends about your intelligence. Here are some 15 Android secret codes that will tell everything about your android smartphone.

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15 secret codes tricks of your Android Smartphones:

  1. IMEI Number of your android smartphone – *#06#
  2. Complete Hardware and Software Information of your android smartphone – *#12580*369#
  3. Detailed Camera information of your android smartphone – *#*#34971539#*#*
  4. View Phone Lock status of your android smartphone – *#7465625#
  5. System Dump Mode – *#9900#
  6. Wireless LAN Test – *#*#232339#*#*
  7. USB Logging Control – *#872564#
  8. Back-Light test of your android smartphone – *#*#0842#*#*
  9. Diagnostic Configuration of your android smartphone – *#9090#
  10. Backup all media files of your android smartphones – *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*
  11. HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu of your android smartphone –  *#301279#
  12. Format your android device to Factory State – *2767*3855#  (NOTE: It will delete everything from your android smartphone).
  13. Vibration Test- *#*#0842#*#*
  14. Hidden Service Menu – ##7764726
  15. Reset the Data Partition to Factory State – *#*#7780#*#*


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Important Notes regarding secret codes of Android Smartphones:

  • IMEI Number: IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. Every cell phone has its unique number known as IMEI number. It is usually used to track the cell phone.
  • System Dump Mode: System Dump is the dump of everything on the system folder of your phone. It includes apps, wallpapers, ringtones and many more unknown files.
  • USB logging Control: It is the feature of phone to manage USB operations. It controls the connectivity of phone with PCs.
  • Diagnostic Configuration: Diagnostic Configuration is the inner working configuration of Android Smartphone.
  • HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu: HSDPA is High Speed Downlink Packet Service while HSUPA is High Speed Uplink Packet Service.
  • Format your android device to Factory State: It will delete everything from your android smartphone.
  • Reset the Data Partition to Factory State: It wipes all your user data and firmware settings but leaves the content of your internal SD Card intact.

Bonus Tip: If you find it difficult to memorize these codes then just download and install Android Secret Codes app from Google Play Store in your Android Smartphone and have fun. 😉

Snapshots of Android Secret Codes App:

Android Secret Code Application

Android Secret Code Application


IMPORTANT!! Some manufacturers doesn’t allow the use of these codes and hence may not work in some of the device. Since, using these codes can change some of your device settings, so Use it at your own RISK!!

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