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10 Ways Siri Can Help you Become Extremely Productive

Siri has since been a fundamental part of Apple’s products. Perhaps you just purchased a new MacBook and aren’t sure what Siri is capable of. The question you need to ask yourself is, how important is artificial intelligence technology on a Mac? You can use Siri to do a vast array of things. And not only on your Mac but also on your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and even HomePod. Here are 10 ways Siri can make your life more productive or lazy, all depends on how you look at it.

Retrieve Files

It can help you find files that you may want to access. You can tell Siri things like “Show me files from last week.” Indeed, you will be offered a quick way to retrieve files because it understands the period as well as file extensions making it easier for you to access the files you need. The personal assistant is a pretty impressive technology because it can also help you access folders that have to be in Finder. 

Read Emails

Interestingly, you will be able to do more than you can possibly fathom. You can get your emails read as well. 

It’s straightforward. You just need to say “Read emails” and all unread emails will appear right next to the Siri Windows. Siri will then read them, including all the essential parts of an email like the sender’s name or subject line. Remember, Siri reading emails to you is not the most effective way to keep you updated but still a viable option if you are busy with other tasks. For example, you could be handling some urgent tasks away from your desk and still want to keep one of your emails. 

Use Siri to Set reminders 

In my experience, this is the simplest way to set a reminder in the Reminder app. You just need to say something like, “Remind me….” To get up and exercise or Call so-and-so 

Post to social media

You only need to tell Siri to tweet or post and she will ask you to speak out about your tweet/post. You don’t have to worry about posing inaccurate content since Siri offers you an opportunity for you to preview your tweet/post before posting. Siri can also post on your behalf but for this to happen, you will need to set up your social media account in System Preference -Internet Accounts 

Launch an application 

Siri makes your life easier. You can authorize Siri to “Open Photos” or any other app in your Mac or phone and she will save you all the hustle to launch an app. Remember, it supports all apps including third-party. 

Access Websites 

Interestingly, Siri can lead you to all the great content by simply saying something like “Search the web for MacBook accessories”. It’s important you mention the word “website” otherwise Siri might get confused. 

Send texts 

The advancement in technology has changed the way we interact with friends, family members, and the world at large. Messaging has become a common way of life in the sense that we’re constantly sending texts to our friends, and family members, and commenting on all forms of platforms. The good news is that with Siri, you don’t need to activate the Messages app, instead Siri does all that for you. You just need to say “Send a text to Samantha Joe” or anyone in your contact and then tells Siri what message you want to send. It’s upon you to dictate the message. 

Play Music 

Music has become part of our everyday lives. That aside, the assistant can save you all the hassle of searching for the music you want. You just need to say the title of the music you would like to listen to “Play Peaches” and Siri will initiate Apple music and start playing your request. Something else you need to know is that Siri is a rather complex artificial intelligence technology because she also understands genres.

Control settings 

You can use Siri to adjust system settings. For example, Siri can help you when it comes to lowering or muting the volume.  Additionally, Siri can regulate screen brightness among other functions. 

Weather Updates 

As mentioned earlier, you just ask her “What’s the weather” and you will get a shot of the current conditions and period forecast. 

Closing Remarks 

As discussed in this article, there are different ways Siri can make your life easier. However, if you don’t know the proper commands, you might get frustrated. Check out our website for articles about hacks and tricks to help you effectively use Siri

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