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10 Popular Tech Forums for Discussions

Did you know that over 66% of the world’s population uses the internet? That means being online is a great place to connect and have some serious discussions about what you’re interested in. If you’re interested in Technology and want to discuss the latest gadgets with like-minded people then look no further. Here is a list of 10 popular tech forums worth joining.

Tom’s Hardware

Like most forums Tom’s hardware allows you to discuss, ask and answer questions about computer technology. There is also a software sub-forum where you will find discussions around operating systems, antivirus, social networking, mobile gaming, and apps. It is a very active forum with close to 3 million registered members, over 3 million threads, and almost 22 million messages shared between members.


Self-acclaim Europe’s busiest forums, with independent news and expert reviews, for TVs, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi, Movies, Gaming, Tech, and more. At AVForums you can get totally free advice from other people on all subjects relating to AV. People often come to find what products to buy, where to buy them from, and how to get the most out of them after they get them home.


Based in Singapore but still relevant to anyone across the world.HardwareZone offers sections such as Apple Clinic which covers iPhone chat room, iPad Sanctum, and Apple Watch. There are discussions centered around gaming, digital cameras, photography, mobile tech, home theatre, headphones and much more.

Linus Tech Tips

If you watch YouTube tech videos then you will know that Linus Tech Tips is the popular YouTuber that discusses and review a lot of tech. So it was only fitting that he has a forum to help discuss just about everything tech. Computer hardware, software, video games, consumer electronics and more all have sub forums to talk and help each other even more.


Most people will be thinking why Reddit isn’t at the top of the list because it’s surely the most popular site. That’s just it, even though it’s an excellent site for Tech discussion you can fall into the trap of reading nonsense. Of course when you have a serious discussion going then it can no doubt be a helpful place.


A forum that offers so much different topics for registered members to get help and offer their advice. There’s topics such as build a PC, PC gaming, networking, Windows, apps, software, virus removal and so much more the list seems endless.


Not the largest but slowly growing. UKTechHub has almost 600 members. This can be a good thing because it simply means your discussion won’t get lost amongst the thousands. Discussions are centered around smartphones, PC, gaming, software, consoles, routers, and more.


A basic-looking forum when you visit it but offers great discussions which are centered around Android, Apps, developers, Samsung, electronics and others.


A forum that has been around for a number of years. Members discusses everything Apple related such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, iTunes, Apps and games. With only a 133, 103 members (time of writing) it’s perfect forum to not get over saturated with a lot of information.

What The Tech

Fitting name for a tech related forum with almost 93,000 members. Topics includes discussion about computer security, PC building, upgrading, mobile apps, programming and more.

That’s Infocurse 10 Popular tech forums

All the forums listed are free to register and join. They are all great to start discussions, get help, offer advice and jut learn more about tech. All the forums have their rules and these must be followed strictly.

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